Quite interesting thought of creating bucketlist for travel. I will suggest you to visit India to experiance its incrediblity of food,landscape,culture. India is the lead exporter of spices and herbs for thousands of years across globe but the home science of using these spices perfectly in food items are still a petent of indian kitchens. In India,every 400km will give you a different taste of same food ingredients and all are brilliant. I donot think no country in this world is having this diversity of tastes in food. Don't worry, 31% of indians are still Vegan and every street of India has Vegan delicacy Cuisines Hotel/Restaurant. So,pack up and reach Incredible India ASAP. We will welcome you with few mindblowing food dishes. For more knowledge of diversity of foods in India,you can always contact me. Take care and stay safe. Aditya
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For vegan, try India
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Hey Em, I am so great to stumble across this question. I'm a Vegan myself and have been traveling extensively across Europe and Asia. I try my best to answer in the most helpful way I can. Here are my rec: - Berlin (I stayed there for 3+ months, and I can swear by their vegan cafes, restaurants and local markets). Please go there, it's worth it. - Barcelona (Spanish love their seafood and dairy, but Barcelona will surprise you) It's got so many vegan options, mainly because it's a tourist attraction. - Tel Aviv (Vegan capital, I was surprised to learn how progressive the city is) - Tallin (It's a feast for vegans.) - Amsterdam (They even have VEGAN space cakes!! Go to Popeyes for that) - Lisbon (I've always loved hummus and Mediterranean food, and Lisbon is the place to go) - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Most Vegan-friendly city in Asia. Maybe I'm being a bit biased here because I love Vietnamese cuisine. But no exaggeration, Vietnamese food can really heal ones soul) - Taipei, Taiwan (Another vegan-friendly city in Asia. About Animals serves up vegan burgers with wasabi mayo, veggie alternatives to hot dogs and bacon sandwiches) - Brighton, UK (Emerging vegan capital, it's so famous for its vegan fish and chips, the new, emerging cafes serve great vegan food) - Oslo/Copenhagen (Most of their restaurants have eco-friendly approach. But they usually offer fusion of asian/mexican food. I'm not sure if any restaurants serve authentic vegan Norwegian food. But you can def look it up! Best visit during summer. However, the food can be a bit pricy) - New York (Again lived there for 3+ months, would totally recommend staying in Brooklyn, they have much more 'ALL VEGAN PIZZA' cafes and DINERS! These are top of mind cities. I'll add more if I can think of. Also, if you're interested, you can follow my new IG page @lalaveganland It's a page on vegan lifestyle, food and travel. I do vegan city reviews too and hope that would help you:)
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This is AMAZING! Thank you so much! I've been to NYC and can totally agree with that conclusion, but never been to any of those other places. I'm adding them to my list now! Thank you!!!
Try out Nepali food.. it's awesome