Bro... Check out Bali... It has so many picturesque places plus its cheap and has good amount of hostel and airbnbs there..
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Hey Mubarak, Having seen your photography and videography skills, you must visit something where you can actually take some amazing pictures. I am not sure on your budget, but yes, eastern european countries like Romania & Bulgaria are beautiful. They have so much of nature and culture. Georgia is another country you can visit, again a great mix of nature, diversity and culture. All three of them are relative cheaper than typical european countries and have flydubai, which is a budget airline fly there. Actually I have many other suggestions to make, but let me know what exactly you are looking for from the destination and I can probably help you then :)
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Indonesia has a lot of options for every kind of traveler. If you want to ditch the crowds, I’d recommend skipping Bali and Gili, but Lombok and neighbouring islands have a lot to offer :)
Thanks Pooja
Wow, Mongolia sounds really cool... I haven't been there but probably soon! I want to drive through Mongolia in a motorhome, it is quiet a wild place... another place is Iceland where the scenary is quiet dramatic and you would definitely shoot some amazing timelapses... New-Zeland is another countr
Hi Pooja, Thanks for Kind word about my photography and yes I am looking for the place where I can take some good timelapses. basically suggest me places away from city where i can take some good night shots as well. Bulgaria is good option. magnolia is also in my list :)
Yes, mss. pooja was right if you stop your extra expansion and stay in mortals or using coughsuffering app for staying perpose and eat a normal food you well be traveling in low budget in Eastern Europe country
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Thanks bro :)
Hey buddy your videos are really awesome.i always failed with time laps videos n created very firmly.for best you should try tanzania,dubai, azerbaijan , vietnam
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Do you have any tutorial videos?
Yes after getting fail to get good final videos i know that its very skillfull n hours of work needed after the captures
Thanks bhai.. took me more than a month to create a 5 minute video.. :)
Hey, I would say to travel to turkey for it's culture and beauty the place has in it. Turkish places like Istanbul are heavenly places. You can try it out and it won't cost you much.
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Please follow if you like for more upcoming trips. Thanks.
You can travel to Cambodia and Koh Rong in Rs. 75,000 or Bhutan in Rs. 50,000 or Kerala, Aurangabad, etc. in India for less than Rs. 30,000