Try penning them down and always have 2 backups of your travel data
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You have memories and words to express.make a good content writing that will helps other without photos and video just put few or make a source and credit them
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Great idea jagrut I was thinking about the same....☺️
Very difficult to get trip approved without your snapped photo,though try writing good content,take photo from web. may your content may superseed the photo and it get approval.
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Pen down all ur memories and experience.. Name the places and u may mention no pics available.. Incase if v both have traveled to same places.. I can share u the pics that I have clicked and u may post it for ur blogs
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Thanks for humble sharing request...will work out first
Probably you can write it down and pull similar pictures from somewhere to relive them
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Yeah thanks ...for helping
You can write your experiences , it's always best content when you write it from your heart.
You can draw in cartoon comic also