Hey Aditya, Once you have got the code to paste you should have also got a congratulation mail from Tripoto .... So, once you get a congrats mail you have to wait for a day... One of the in house editor will mail you asking for a ID proof of yours with your address mentioned in it ... Reply to them and you will get your goody bag and t shirts sponsored by Tripoto ... That's as simple as that ... and don't worry if you have got the code , you will get your bag also for sure ... Now just add on with your blogs and earn more credits ... Happy Blogging and Happy Travelling!!!
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You might get an email regarding this in 48 hours. Tripoto people are a little slow.
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Okay, thank you. but will i get it or not ?
Just wait for some time and check your mail they ask you for your details. the details should mention your name address and phone number in case someone not reach you so.they can contact you. and also send your T-shirt size the details should send like this Name address mobile number t shirt size Happy Travelling.
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Hello, just wait you will also get Mail from Tripoto and then you can redeem that code. Happy to help you. keep exploring:)
After you redeem an offer, Tripoto team will send you an email asking your details. Send the details along with code and you'll get your goodies bag soon.
Hey, just wait you should receive an email from them shortly