I hv been to Prague, Budapest, Vienna & Salzburg, all amazing cities...Do book the hop on hop off bus tours... It's the best way to see the top sights of these places and takes care of ur commuting within these cities at a reasonable price. U can book these tours online or once u reach there...In Salzburg, u hv to book the Sound of Music tour to see the key attractions. Make sure u stay in the main areas of these places so that its easy for u to walk around. For example, in Prague, the main area is the Old u need to stay within walking distance from the Old town...For commuting from one city to the other, u can chk online for train tickets...
How much did the whole trip including flights cost ?
Can you tell how much whole trip cost you approximately
I have also planned a solo trip to Budapest, Prague and Bratislava for 12 days. I will be staying at Budapest for 5nights and at Prague for 4 nights. For Intercity travel I have booked buses, I have got them at really cheap rates. From Budapest, I will be taking a day trip to Bratislava which is the capital of Slovakia. Also, I have heard of some really beautiful cities like Szantandre and Esztergome which can also be covered in a day trip from Budapest. So I think 5-6 days in Budapest will be just sufficient. While in Prague, I am planning to take a day trip to Cesky Krumlov. Also, as a part of layover I am getting one night in Helsinki. This was just to get some fair idea how you can plan for 10-12 days in Central Europe.