If I am not wrong.....others will be able to view your blog only after it's approved by Tripoto.....but they will be able to view your blog by going to your profile....
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Hey, for contest entries you'll see it in the section only after tripoto verifies your entry and gives credits. Trust me. I'm one of the winners from last month. :) my entry was missing until the credits were awarded after 3 days.
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Cool thenks :)
How you added that ? I think tripoto allowing only some specific pre defined hashtags only in photoblogs.
Are you sure the spelling that you tagged and you are now using to search are one and the same ??
If hashtag is spelled right. it would be appearing to others.
Hello guys, It's visible now! Apparently, it takes a while for the reviewers to review your blogs! once they review it and credit points are allowed to you,provided you have given the right hashtag ,your post would be visible under the hashtag! thanks alot for the help everyone! cheers :)