I have just been to Maldives. I stayed for 4 nights there. I spent around 1.4L for 2 adults and a kid. This expenditure includes 2 nights in over water villa. For details you can watch my Maldives series on Youtube.
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Take some ready to cook food packets with you .You can check for airbnb..they have kitchen also so you can enjoy..ready to cook foods in oven and other is much cheaper..stay on islands that cost less in comparison to water villas and for a day book a beach villa it is cheap also and you can enjoy stay on beach as well..ferry charges are high so request your hotel to provide complimentary pick n drop..otherwise check the government ferry timings and schedule accordingly..transport will save lot of local foods at small cafes or food corners..this way you’ll save money..stay in male after you arrive from airport on first day and then visit local places and explore how to reach other tourist male hotels start from 2k also so check in advance..
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If you meant Feb 20, then start looking for flights around the 45-90 days bracket as the price comes down, but you need to check on a regular basis and check for offers too. our flight tickets to Maldives cos us 36k for two both up and down included, so if you mean 15k up and down for one person, you are getting a better deal, also, flights from Kerala and Mumbai are the cheapest, at last, Maldives is beyond beautiful and you can read my article on the same. you will have an awesome time there!
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Thanks a lot 👍
You know Maldives are not budget holidays from flight to stay everything is so damn expensive you can contact make my trip for something budget friendly
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True they are expensives but exciting as well