Bir billing is ideal for this time and one of the safest Location for paragliding ☺️☺️ As I am also reaching there by 30 oct
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Lucky you! However our plan for Kashmir has been made already, Next Summer definitely going to HP
Kashmir, any day, since I've been in kashmir last month only and it's actually serene and less crowded as compared to himachal and mcleodganj Is actually over hyped
Hi Pratyaksha, I have just returned from Himachal Pradesh so I am going to be biased towards it and tell you to choose Himachal Pradesh for this trip. The scenery is gorgeous, the temperature is pleasant, the food is tasty and the people are extremely warm and friendly. However to take a more objective call on where you want to go, I recommend that you check out the following compilation pages: 1) Himachal Pradesh: 2) Kashmir : Hope this helps! Regards, Senneil
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Thank you Senneil:) Himachal Prdesh has been in my wishlist for so long time. However this time Kashmir plan has been made, next time Himachal