You don't need visa for 30 days.
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You don't require a visa for a stay less than 30 days. Happy travelling!
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Thanks mate.
Hi Vishal, I am quoting Philippines Embassy in India website: Indian nationals who wish to visit the Philippines for tourism purposes may be granted visa-free entry into the country in any port of entry (major international airports and secondary international hubs (SIHs), as well as in seaports by passengers on board cruise ships/vessels) for an initial authorized stay not exceeding fourteen (14) days, provided they possess the following: 1.) Either a valid (used or unused) American (US), Japanese, Australian, Canadian, Schengen, United Kingdom, or Singaporean multiple-entry visa or permanent residence permit. 2.) An Indian passport valid at least six (6) months beyond the date of departure from the Philippines; 3.) Return or onward ticket to the next country of destination; and 4.) No derogatory record with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. The fourteen (14) day, visa-free entry may be extended by an additional seven (7) days with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration for a maximum stay of twenty-one (21) days but is non-convertible to other visa categories. Make sure your visa is valid and you hold return or onwards flight tickets.
Hi Vishal, You can find more information in iVisa. Link: