Hi Puspal, here is a sample 9 days itinerary: Day 1: Arrive in Kasol. It is ideal to use Kasol as a base camp to visit nearby places. Depending on when you arrive, you can walk around Kasol and check out the quirky shops. You can also spend some time by the river. Day 2: Do the Chalal Trek from Kasol. The 4-hours scenic walk passes through some pristine jungle. Explore the cafes of Chalal village. Make your way back to Kasol. Day 3: Take a local state bus or private taxi to Barsheni. From thereon you have two options, either you walk to Tosh or take a cab. After reaching Tosh, you can explore the village, talk to locals and experience the culture. You can trek to Tosh Waterfall as well. Spend the night in Tosh. Day 4: You can start your day with a 14km trek to Kheerganga from Tosh. The trek takes 5-6 hours and you don't need a guide. Spend the night in Kheerganga. Day 5: On your way back from Kheerganga, stop at Manikaran. Relax those tired bones on the hot springs and pay a visit to Manikar Sahib Gurudwara. Return to Kasol and spend the night there. Day 6: Take a bus to Jari and take a shared or private taxi to the spot from where the trek to Malana begins. Trek to Malana. Explore the village of Malana. For the remaining days, you can choose to explore little-visited Tirthan Valley or head to Manali.