I am thinking of visiting Thailand, will you help me....?
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I am alone, none of my friends are coming with me, that's why I want to join your group.
Hey, it'd be a 5 day trip the budget is 25k for twin sharing, this means you can bring at least one person along and as many as you want to, for twin sharing. I'll contact you shortly over your WhatsApp number!
First of all, you tell us on which date the trip will start and for how many days....? And second, how much budget is thought for this trip ....? And how many of us are there and which city will visit and who will arrange for all...? contact and whatsapp no - 7014867145
I'd need a confirm affirmative though. I can't really stall rn. I need people, you can drop me a text and let's discuss if you can join us on this trip.
Hey, I am also planning a trip for Thailand and I'd really like to know more about your plan. Dates and cost and everything.
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Sure, let's get connected.
Planning the same .... for which month r u planning ?
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Ya sure .... even I m planning for some vacation in January .... so have u taken package or through any other plans
I want to go with us.
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It's scheduled for January
How much is it gonna cost?
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It's 25k for twin sharing.
Tell the package details