I think it is relatively peak time for Kerala from October - March so everything would be expensive and not soothing. I think if you want to explore North,you can start with Nainital,Bhimtal,they are really beautiful. Apart from this,you can also try exploring Haridwar and Rishikesh,that would really pious place and mind refreshing.
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A cyclon just left it's trail in Goa and even in Maharashtra the rains are pretty much continuous though the season is of winter. Am not 100% sure about Kerala but looking at the weather there I can be sure about one thing that visiting southern part right now is not that great of an idea especially costal region as either heavy rains or thunderstorms are expected almost everywhere. Hope it helped Happy Traveling!!
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Am not sure about the weather, as i live in Mumbai the weather condition here and nearby was predictable. And if you go to Kasol do go to moon dance cafe!!
Hi, thank you so much for your reply. I agree with you and was really concerned about rains. What about north east at this time, covering Arunachal pradesh and nearby areas? Please suggest. Otherwise I am thinking to take Delhi-Rishikesh-Manali-Kasol-Amritsar-Macleod ganj (idk i will be able to cove
Northeast would be good option too if you are interested .Sikkim is worth place to visit ,you will like it. i just visited that place.
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If you are willing to bear with the cold and r ready to enjoy the beautiful snowfall then I suggest uttarakand else u can also go sikkim
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Wayanad in Kerala is a lovely hill station with the abundance of plantations, forests, wildlife and vibrant cultural existence. Other then this you can go to RAJASTHAN FOR TRAVEL.