Peo to Sangla valley road is very risky driver should have perfect in driving
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Now it's better. But yes..U are correct. Mountains need patience and skilled pilots
U can go by personal car..Except fee patches where construction is going on..road is good. Your timings arrest good..Include Kalpa roghi in your go_to places. Enjoy the journey specially from Taranda to Chitkul and kalpa to Roghi.
The best time to visit Chitkul Valley is during the summertime in the months of March, April, and May. During this time the skies are clear and the weather bearable. The roads to Kinnaur Valley remain open all around the year, barring few days of heavy snowfall on Hindustan Tibet Highway, especially near Narkanda. There is no high mountain pass that falls on the Hindustan Tibet Road, so even in winters, there isn’t much issue about closing the road. In March – April It is that time of the year when the snow starts to melts and flowers in apple orchards bloom in the spring season. This is the perfect time to see snow-laden peaks of the Kinnaur region and enjoy the colors of the beautiful landscapes of the Himalayas. The road to Chitkul also opens by the second week of March, and the Baspa river emits some beautiful colors of water too. You can even hike around to get to the snow and play with it, especially in March. Regarding Kinnaur Valley weather in the spring season, the nights and early mornings are a bit cold while the rest of the day is cool to warm. There aren’t many tourists in Kinnaur Valley before May. Hence, months of March and April are a very nice season to travel to Kinnaur Valley. Keep in mind that in March – April the snow melts, so the road does get blocked often due to snow slides and landslides. Also, the roads are in not so good condition. You should also expect slush on roads and occasional rainfall/snowfall too.
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