Ideally he should make the bookings right away. Check with him if all blockings have been made and give you a confirmation on the blockings of the hotels. If thats done right, then he will pay the hotels only once you have paid the 100% to him and then get the hotel confirmation vouchers from the hotel to pass on to you. As long as you have the blockage confirmation with the deadlines and release period/cancellation policy and you follow that, you should be good.
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Thanks Sagar. He has verbally told us that the hotels are blocked but he won't release the vouchers till we make him the 2nd payment. So I was concerned.
Did he gave any payment received slip after your payment?
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No he did not initially. He sent us an invoice only after we requested him. Also the invoice doesn't look like a proper invoice. It doesn't have a GST number, doesn't detail out the tax breakup. Looks like a pdf doc that has been sent in the name of invoice.
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