Thank You Shubhangi. In 8 days,you can visit, Key, Kibber, Hikkim, Komic, Langza, Dhankar, Demul, Lalung, Tabo, Pin Valley and chandertaal. I did a Solo trip in 4k by hitch hiking to 99% of the places mentioned above.
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Hey Shubhangi. Sorry for poking my nose in there. But couldn't resist answering this. There are a lot of places you could visit / explore in Spiti. When exactly in October are you planning it. Post the 10th-12th of October, it starts snowing / can snow anytime. Would suggest to plan accordingly. As for the regular places, Prakriti has already answered. Here's a list of some places that not many go to. Link - Here's a video that you may like - on Spiti - And my insta ID - where am most active, if you'd like to connect -