Monsoon season in Kerala starts from mid June and runs till August. August month is called as completion monsoon season in Kerala. When you travel you might see less downpours. The air in August turns cool in. So it is an ideal time to travel. One thing you have to do is a weather check on each day off your travel.
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Thanks ..
Yes,it's okay to visit.Sometimes it might rain in August also but that is again an experience to explore .Rain in Munnar and Wynad is never to be missed.. Walking in the rain ,stopping by a cafe and having piping hot filtered coffee and discussing politics is fun. The festival of Onam also is celebrated in August /September.So many cultural programs are organised as part of the festival.One is the Aranmula valla sadya and the other is the Nehru cup Boat race which attracts lot of tourists.Many government sponsored shoping festivals and dance festivals,cultural programs are part of the season.This year it's going to be a great season since tourism industry is slowly catching up after the Covid pandemic. Kerala is a paradise of sea food .Cochin and Calicut has the best varieties of sea food to explore .The mouth watering biriyani and fish is never to be missed.Kollam (Quilon ) also is best for sight seeing
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Yes it is if you want to know places to visit i had uploaded photos and place names check and visit which ever you like lots of updating coming soon