Hi Nidhi, you are spot on. You might face torrential rain, landslides and blocked roads resulting in delays. It is best to go there after second week of June. You can even take advantage of the 15th of August holiday which is Wednesday. Take Thursday and Friday off and you have a long-long weekend. Plus flowering is better in August and the Brahmkamal in Hemkund Sahib also blooms around this time. Cheers.
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Thanks Varun!!!!! ????
Valley of Flowers is snow clad for most of the year and it becomes accessible only in the month of June. Officially Valley of Flowers opens First June every year. Valley of Flowers is always beautiful. It depends upon your taste that what you would like to see. Valley of Flowers in June: This is the time when snow starts melting rapidly and small plants starts growing and glaciers keeps on melting. By the end of June the Valley of Flowers is reaching towards its youth and starts changing its color from white to green with new flowers keep on coming on daily basis. Valley of Flowers in July:- This is the time when Valley of Flowers is in full bloom and will be in full bloom till August end. You will find lots of greenery and flowers everywhere in the Valley of Flowers. If you are fond of watching glaciers you should go in earlier weeks of July(Latest by 15th July) Valley of Flowers as seen in Mid July. The pink shade on the river bed is Epilobium Latifolium. This flower looks very beautiful and is found on river banks
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Your welcome
Thanks Ridhima
Yes you are right. there are chances for landsliding
Yes it is good to visit there during July and August as during that period flowers are coming out of buds so it looks beautiful. Since all the roads at that area comes under army; so even if u get stuck there will be no problem.
The valley of flowers is a monsoon trek. The best time to visit Valley of flowers is from mid July to mid August, when the flowers are in full bloom after the first monsoon rain. But I advise you to aware about routes and weather forecast as it is monsoon time.