Hi Arkka, You can easily plan a very budgeted trip to Europe under 1-1.2 Lac per person which includes Visa,Transfers,Accommodation,International Flights, Travel Insurance,Meals, Self-Guided Tours and Traveling city to city.It also depends on Number of days you are travelling. We provide assistance in visa and Budgeted package at very low cost.Currently we have ongoing Package for Lithuania which covers all in 71,000 per person for 6 days.and Eastern Europe package too for 1.2 lac per person for 13 days (Budapest,Prague and Vienna) as you can stay in hostels in dorms with shared bathroom and can cook your own meals too
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Hey, this depends on how many cities in France and Austria and how many days.
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Ok that can be listed but what about other things preparing budget and visas
I presume you are a solo traveler, so you can cut down on a lot of costs by staying in hostels, BnB or even take rooms only on Air BnB. the total cost will depend on the number of days you planning to stay at each location. in France Paris and Niece are the popular choices and both these cities demand atleast 3 days each. Austria you have Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck. all these cities can be done with minimum of 2 nights each and as well in prague. Euro rail pass depending on the number of days of Flexi bus, can give you very good deals if you book in advance. I have us d Flexi bus, it's easy enough comfy. so if you can give the number of days and your choice of locations, may be I can be of better help. one this you would only need one visa i.e schengen visa, which you would need to apply in the country you land.
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Hi gaurav , can you please help me for my upcoming trip
Thanks a lot for the details ...
Go through my profile for this.I have travelled extensively across Europe and all details have been captured in various itineraries published by me
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Can you please share your profile. I m not able to go through it from here.. Also you can share over my mail I am looking for 13 days trip to Europe.