Homestays are usually comforting and best for exploring the local. Hostels are also good for stays as hospitality is good. Hotels are quite warm and really welcoming and mostly views are also quite pleasant.🌼🌈
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You've summed it up so well πŸ€—πŸŒΈ
I would prefer hotels because of their services and I love to stay there instead of homestays
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Homestays are warm and welcoming, hostels are sweetly cheap and hotels give you luxury (not that the other 2 do not,) and are better for family and friends trips...
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Agree 😊
For work: - it's always homestays, for quiet and peaceful time. for short duration travel or mostly for solos: - I prefer Hostels, random people, random conversations and not so heavy on pocket! Hotels mostly serves for the Family or when travelling with a bunch of friends.
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Agreed! πŸ€—
Hostels and homestays
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Travellers hostel or luxury hotels
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Hostels when you would want to explore more rather than staying at one place. Hotels when you are on a relaxing trip!
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At Baitong hotel, quintessential design elements meet you around each corner and down every corridor. Our unique architecture with lush gardens, minimal ponds, cascading Jacuzzi, striking staircases, glass-bottomed pool and walkway, and other bold features will enhance your stay.