But it is pointless to collect these credit points according to me.Any discount less than 40% is not worthy because premium price of trip will be 30-40% more.And you will not get more than 10% through your credit. Better to concentrate on good content and photo such that everyone can findout good places unknown to them and visible through blogger lens and keypad. It is my personal view. Sorry,if i am wrong. If anyone has better knowledge then pls correct me.
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Post more content
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By posting more content but be mindful of quality and originality. u can also try your luck by participating in monthly contests. u can stand a chance to win a whopping 500 credits. check out the same on contest page. alternatively u can reply to queries on this forum page. these are the two ways to earn credits.
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Agreed completely! it's difficult to brush through dozens of average articles and photos blogs to find a few really interesting ones ☹️
Couldn't agree more. its like a rat race of credits
Now a days i don’t why everyone just run for credits and not making informative contents
You can write about your can active on Forum
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Try participating and publishing photoblog/ trip as per Monthly Contest. post your photoblog on tripoto based on the contest that are being posted on Instagram account ( eg - #LastNormlaPhoto which is ongoing ) answer the queries of fellow travelers in forum.
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Thank you)
Post more blogs or photoblogs or answer everyone’s queries
Try participating in more monthly contests aa they give max credits. also try to post quality blogs.
Just write some good stuff and post good quality photos and forget about credits, they Will come automatically 😊
Haha keep doing something creative ... you will get everything 😃