Hey Megha, You can go on hitch hiking ... You can go on cycling ... Without money it's not possible .. believe me ... with less money you can pull out Travelling in India : rely on public transport like buses and trains ... Stay in hostels ... zostels and home stays ... Travel slow so that you can stay in one place by spending less money and know more about local culture ... .The more you knwo about locals the more ways of moneyless travel can be explored .... Well it's little difficult, but not impossible ... Hope you get all the ways to travel with less money ... share with us your lovely experience of Travelling !!! Happy Travelling!!!
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A big Yes!! Hitchhiking is an option if you are a willing hitchhiker with excitement. I have such experience s that's why I am expressing it to the world. I did my first hitchhiking trip in January of last year. I went out without any plan and with almost no money in pocket (though I had my card just for an emergency) but I had a bombastic excitement within. I still remember how insanely I was standing in the mid of highway at my hometown to stop the truck-drivers. Many truck drivers laughed and many ignored, but finally one had stopped his truck to let me in who was going to Delhi. I was never excited like this, when I put my rucksack in truck and was about to get in. And this is how it started as I completed 500 km(entire day)from Palanpur to Jaipur in the truck, with a stranger. Most important tip- Choose wisely whom you asking for help Good Luck!! Happy Travelling!!
Either hitchhiking or you find someone to sponsor you
Hitchhiking is a good option, but I don't know whether it's safe in India. I tried it when I was in Scotland, and the experience was awesome.
Hello Megha. There is an organisation called Wwooff India. You can check out their website. Happy travelling:)
Couch surfing , hitch hiking , volunteer work where you do something with your skills and in return get food lodging , writing content for trip organizers \ trek co , vlogging , blogging ,
Take a deep breath and sleep on Bed. Now close your eyes and imagine your favourite places. Now explore one by one for free๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
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