I think,it required to be mentally your hard work and skill can create magic.
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Most beautifull career options.Lots of peoples have did that leaving there 9 to 6 job. You better try to contact famous travel bloggers and try to understand what is needed. Only they can guide you from there experiance.
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You can’t be depends on travel blogging you have to learn so many different freelancing work along with that so you can earn money from there which you can use for your travel and make blog.blogs will just give you 5-10% of travel.
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This needs to be your side hustle until you get that reach from the audience so that you could make it as your full time job. You can write for columns in newspapers and magazines once you have a sizable audience.
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Even I feel that is professional travelling really as fun as raw?
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It may not be as fun as raw....but it won't be boring either...but if it gets ur bill paid along with ur passion.. what better than that!