You should start a blog first and start writing. Accumulate a few good quality articles and promote them on you social media accounts so that people get to know about it. After you are happy and proud of what your blog looks like you can contact bigger travel agencies with your CV and ask them whether there is any assignment you can write for them.
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That's great
First, you must have a great passion and love to work in the field of travel. Secondly, you must start even with a free blog on Blogger in order to gain experience, and with time you can earn from advertisements on your blog, and you can also earn by organizing trips at the level of your country, and the ideas are many, but these are the most prominent.
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Without a skillset ot profile to show!, how will internship also work. So initially start writing on your own. once improving, you can approach for internships checkout on insta how to join tripoto family and here mentors of in-house Members will guide you
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Hello! This is a great idea. But in order to write interesting and high-quality content, you need to have special knowledge and skills. I would advise you to start by seeking help and advice from professional writers. Fortunately, today there are many cool online resources where you can order various writing jobs. Here you can find all the necessary information about such platforms, read a detailed review, compare features and make your choice. In any case, to become a good blogger and writer, you need to practice a lot. Therefore, I want to wish you good luck!