Close your eyes. Think about your favorite city or place to visit. Now, imagine a food you love passionately. I’m sure you smiled! That’s it, eating and traveling are things that really move us. Well, that is what Food Travel means. Is there a better thing than to combine these two passions in a culinary trip? How to Food Travel? You can choose between an immersive food trip, where the entire itinerary is centered on the culinary experiences of the destination, or just include some food tourism activities to complement your itinerary. But, regardless of your travel style, there is a secret to unlock the full potential of food tourism: Curiosity! Try to understand not only what people eat, but why they eat in one way or another, what are the local ingredients, what is the story behind the food they prepare. Ask, interact, taste and smile. How Much Food Should I Eat Each Day? The amount of food you eat depends on many factors such as body composition, environmental factors, body size, genetics, physical activities, leisure time activities, job, general state of health, sex, age, and height. While the number of calories you need will depend on the optimum food you take. It is not always just about determining the calories in versus the calories out when measuring your weight. If you consume a lot of food every day than what your body utilizes, you are bound to gain weight. Consuming fewer calories than you require for energy will make you lose weight. Check here for lose your weight -
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