Well, for starters, Limit the use of plastic. Carry jute bags, paper bags which are easily biodegradable. try using public transportation, for avoiding excessive usage of petroleum products. Use battery run vehicles. try Not throwing your Leftover's, Products, here and there on the road. Try keeping clean places clean! Eco-friendly travel has a lot to do with traveling responsibily.
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These are some great tips! :) thanks for sharing.
Take a garbage bag with you and put your all plastic waste on it and take-out back in home and dispose properly
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That's important!
I generally go for "carry back your trash" policy if no dustbins are available nearby. I carry my own water bottle so that I don't have to buy plastic bottles.
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Same here 😀 I even have a bottle with a filter so I ensure I reduce waste as I go along!
I always make sure to carry my own refillable water bottle and not buy plastic bottles. I also do not to throw any trash in the natural environment - not even a small chocolate wrapper in the places I visit. I always carry it back and dispose it in eco-friendly way.
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Nice! Ditto. I try to also pick up trash if I can to help clean up the natural environment.
Limit plastic stuff. Reuse usable containers, collect the trash in your bag and dump it out on reaching home or look for proper dumping cans or grounds on your trip
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