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Yeah, I've already redeemed the Tripoto Merchandise and I received a T-shirt, two bookmarks, one sticker and one tote bag. The quality of the T-shirt was not nice, the sticker is of no use, but the bookmarks and the tote bag are really worth usage. However, it's fun if you redeem a goody bag with your hard earned credits. "Apne mahnat ki kamai, you know"
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Hi.we have 187 credits. is it that the merchandise redemption starts AT 200? coz we are getting e-mails to redeem but no info about the merchandise when we access the page.
How to redeem points for merchandise
If you could share the pics of tshirt and tote bag?
I guess save your points for the trip. The goody bag is just worth a snapchat or an instagram story . Nothing more than that.
I was really excited about ordering the goodies once I gained my first 200 credits. while the t-shirt and bag quality are good, bookmarks and stickers are just fine. but if you can contain your excitement, you can instead accumulate more credits and use them to redeem for a trip instead
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How to redeem points for buying merchandise
Still awaiting for one as as soon as i have enough credit points the coupon gets finished.
Yes it okay okay. Not that good
Goody bag is okay but t-shirt is not nice
It better if you save those credits to redeem later for a trip instead of the Goody bag
I haven't redeemed it. But saving it for the trips seems the wisest choice.
Its better to save for trip. But fun of receiving the goody bag is great to