Munsyari lies in the Pithoragarh region. Road are comparatively finer in that region. The rocks are stable and they are not as shaky as ones in Rudraprayag Badrinath region. If you're going in January, you might have to face a lot of snow and icey roads which may not be amazing for a motorcycle. But fortunately that'll be limited and you'll find the roads easily rideable. You can visit cave temple of Patal Bhuvneshwar made of line rock I guess. You need to be physically fit to descend into the cave hole to enter the underground cave temple. You can also plan for Mukteshwar apart from Binsar. Binsar may not be intriguing but Mukteshwar is a good place to stay. All in all Munsyari is safe ofcourse. You can make the bike ride quite comfortably.
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