Yes I do occasionally, i think it keeps our ideas in cofidence and strong more about destination.πŸ™‚
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Thanks Ronak, I'm glad that i could help😊
Yes..i loved what you sais
I do have a journal. everywhere, anywhere I go I have it by me all the time
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Awesome...will bd keeping from now
Yes I do . it provides assistance in writing blogs
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Ohoo.. great thanks 😊
Yes I do occasionally... after most of my trips I pen down the things ... That way you can express all the things u experience fully .. and that can later help in writing blogs.. Thankyou
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Will definitely try to do... as per now quite lazy to write things.. but will start again
Helps to be in touch with the day and place. Has a great deal in writing blogs.
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Thanks a lot
Hey , I do and the experience is way too good.
I keep a short one and large one with photos and all.