Mumbai, Lonavala and Khandala are the places covers totally by Western ghats and the best time to visit is in the months of monsoon. If you are planning to stay in Lonavala you could get hotels for cheaper rates and good assistance. Traveling to all the places and spending some time there will take 2 days and you can also go to Khandala which is around 5 kms from Lonavala. You can board busses to Mumbai from Lonavala. The route is amazing, if visiting in monsoon months plan to go to Mumbai in the afternoon so that you wouldn't miss an amazing view of the Highway.
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Around 5000 - 7000 rs. It depends on for how many days you are going & where you stay?
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It's a 5 day trip n still not sure abt our stay ..
It depends like from where, for how many days and by which mode of transport you want to travel
Actually,it depends from where you wanna travel. Local transport is very cheap Mumbai but yea it's too much crowded especially peak hours. But,i would suggest start from Mumbai then you can find direct trains every hour for Lonavala and Khandala and train ticket is hardly 40-50 per person.