Hi Amir, Greetings for the day! First of all great choice planning a trip to these locations in winters. You can cover these places in under 10k if you go for a backpacking trip and use hostels as a medium of accommodation. It is also advisable to do inter-place transfers at night if you want to cut on the accommodation expenses. However, that being said if you are looking for hotels and other mediums the budget can extend between 15k-20k depending on your choice of the room. Happy travelling!! Regards, Udit Khurana
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Thanks Udit.... I am travelling with my friends and indeed its gonna be backpacking trip Thanks again
Hi Amir, Attached below are few packages offered by Tripoto for hassle free travelling. Please take a look, fill the form and someone will get in touch with you. Thanks!
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25k minimum
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Hello Amir, For a 8 days getaway trip, the destinations you have mentioned are great. The last week of December is perfect to visit these places as the weather would be amazing. If you are planning for a budget trip I can share my experience with you. Your per day expense would be Rs. 1200 - 1400 including a rented room and meals. Rest is for travel, shopping and other fun. As you will be travelling to 4 places, the travel expenses can go up to 3000 approx. So it can cost you around Rs. 10-12k. Regarding your shopping and other personal expenses, it completely depends upon you... I advise you to save some money in travelling. Whether you will travel by bus or a flight, Paytm always has great offers that can help you save some bucks. I am providing the link below with all the instructions to avail the offer to help you save money and enjoy more. :) Link: Happy Travelling
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10K per person
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If you use public transport, stay in hostels then it can be don in 10k