A rough estimate of the cost can be : airfare (from mumbai or Delhi. Landing in Prague and flying out of Amsterdam) = 40000 Multi entry Schenzen visa : 8000 Inter city/country train / plane : 10000 economical hotel Bed & breakfast for 8 days : 40000 other food and sightseeing expenses : 30000 Total : 130000 (This is approx costing) depends on lot of factor like the kind of flight , hotel etc you choose. whether u are visiting in off season or not
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If you avoid the luxury hotels than it would be in b/w 1.25 -1.5 lac. I was planning for a trip to the same places and got estimate around this. My trip got canceled due to some reasons but anyway if you try to travel in a budget with stays in hostel you can easily cover it in around 1- 1.3 lac happy travelling :)
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Depends on a lot of factors like what type of place you would like to stay, what activities you would like to include and many more. So it would be helpful if you could share some more details then I can say you the average price of the trip
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I don’t want to spend much on transportation but other than that I don’t wanna miss any of the fun, decent accommodations. (Not 5-3 stars)
Depends on what kind accomdations you goa book mode of travel. if looking for budget one. book flights in advance through skyscanner. try couchsurfing, airbnb and trivago fo stays and preppan itinrary and local transportation in these places.
It would easily cost more dn 1 lakh.
Depend upon your itinerary but take flights with stops maybe that can cut off your travel cost
Depends on what you choose. On the lowest budget option, it should cost around 75k at least.
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Schengen Visa: 4.4k, Flight to Amsterdam: 20k, 2 days in hostel: 4k, 2 day city pass: 9k, Bus from Amsterdam to Berlin: 1.6k, 3 days in hostel: 3.3k, 3 days city pass: 9k, Berlin to Prague bus: 1.4k, City Pass : 4.3k and Hostel: 1.2k, Flight from Prague to Mumbai: 18k, Total: 77k
The flight tickets are around 40k, how can I do it in 75 man?