The most important thing you can do for your blog is to create great content. Become part of the travel blogging community. Get known for something. Invest in your product. Write guest posts. Attend conferences and travel shows.
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But how can i sing-in this application?
Thank you for your comment mam.
Hi Divyang, Travel blogging requires hard work and persistence but it is not as difficult as it may seem. The first thing would be to identify the appropriate audience for your niche. Since your interest is in travel, your Tripoto profile is perfect for sharing your stories! Millions of people looking for interesting travel content form the Tripoto community so growing as a travel blogger on the platform is easy. The most important step in becoming a successful travel blogger is to write and share your work regularly. Try to incorporate unique angles to pique readers' interest. Reading others' travel blogs can help you improve your content. Visual content helps in engaging readers, hence you should hone your photography skills as well. I have written an article on the 5 simple steps that can help your travel content stand out. Try incorporating those tips in your next post. Hope my answer was helpful!
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Thank you for comment mam.
The most important facet is to start and since you have already started down this line, I would say Kudos to you. Next up is to share your experiences to the best of the originality and remember to add the aspects which are unique to you.
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Thank you sir for comment.
Hie, if travelling is your hobby. then you can capture your memories of travelling in the words. express yourself in the timeline and plot the emotional graph through this. were people can relate it with themselves. keep the simplicity and reality in the blog which can make your blog more realistic and people can easily find them in your blog. choose the language through which you can express your thought in better way. give full knowledge of the challenges where you faced during the traveling. keep people connected through your thought and sometime make them laugh. keep yourselves like a free bird which can fly anywhere were he wants. and keep writing regular...
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Thank you for replying,but now I am bigning as a blogger so whare i punlish my blog. sir you have any information about this.
Start sharing your travel experience via writing blogs and uploading pictures and videos.
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Thank you for comment.
There is no exact definition to it... It would suggest first start writing extensively... Focus on content... Try and connect each sub heading in your blogs, this will not allow readers to loose interest... Do proper research... If you want to write on travel, be genuine with your content... Start writing give time to it... Things will improve...
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