Hey Neeti, Thats actually a difficult question to answer, maybe you can start with a location which your mom is very familiar with and once you build her trust, you can explore other places. Good day, Cheers !!
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I've tried explaining my mother in various ways. Nothing works. I shall keep trying though.
Hey, Parents, especially in India, can be super over protective. Even though it comes from a place of love and concern, it can prevent us from being independent and self-reliant individuals. Solo travelling is therefore really important! Internet has been a helpful tool for female travellers to let their loved ones know that it's okay to travel alone. There are lots of solo female travellers out there who openly share their experiences that you could share with your mom. A genuine and successful example is Shivya Nath, who has been travelling alone for years. Look within your social circles too; you might find some role models that could influence your mom's decision about letting you travel alone. Keep sharing inspiring and positive stories about solo travel with her (if she keeps seeing the negative news and nothing positive, it's unlikely for her to feel confident about you travelling alone). Attaching a few helpul articles below! Other than that, take small steps and give her some time and space to get used to the idea of you travelling alone too. You can suggest going for a one day trip initially, and then suggest longer trips. To get started, you can also go alone with a reliable travel group. As I mentioned, since parents generally don't allow their daughters to travel alone as they're anxious about their safety, you can assure them that you will keep them informed about your whereabouts. Share your location or check in every once in a while via call or text so that they don't worry. Hope this helped!!
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Thank you Shira! You know how difficult it is to make parents understand! 😅 I shall keep trying thought. Thank you for the links. I'll make sure my mother reads them.
No in India parents are more responsible and more fearful persons
As a guy convincing my mom is also tough...but if you share your whole trip planning in advance with mom...i think it will works..else rest upon you..