Hi Samiksha, all you have to do is share you travel experience on tripoto and you become a Tripoto wanderer and you will get a Tripoto Approved Blogger badge in your profile. (below your credits), good day, cheers!!
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Well, the badge is basically awarded to be recognized outside tripoto, so that badge doesnt carry any value in tripoto website, instead if you have a personal blog, you can post the link (copy to clipboard + paste it in your personal blog), so that this badge will appear there.Well it also happen to have a glitch, it works perfectly fine (displays the badge) if you have created a blog through wordpress. Everywhere else it just displays the link. Cheers
Thank you for the answer. The badge is showing in my profile, however, above the badge, it is also written 'Become a Tripoto approved blogger', 'Copy to clipboard'. What does this mean?
Keep blogging
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You need to be active in forum , check mine