Well, this is what I do (being a female solo traveller) To be honest, you will just have to get your tickets done, then your guts will scramble upon your decision. But every time you look at the ticket, you will feel like it's your only chance to make it or a lifetime of regret. Also, you need not to plan it, when you are on the road, the people (the local people) will guide you through. Hang your camera on your neck and make it your point of motivation.
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First of all be ready to explore. I've been doing solo trips from past 3 years. Wait and you will find a view , a place that will change you. See documentaries and vlogs of the people already been there and then you leave your home. Being a solo tripper and a photographer I never made any itinerary because I'm not bounded by anyone. It's just you and your trip and your camera stay as long as you want, travel as long as you want. Talk to other tourist, foreigners, locals. And they will help you out with most of your difficulties. Prefer places where most of the people don't go. Just be curious and cautious. That will do.
Thanks man! This would be helpful
For a photographer .. this is the best thing . U will get to picture all the beauty there is it not a motivation. Start from.a place near to your home. Try to explore unexplored places ..underrated places .....capture that .. It will be ...treat to deewane ????
Hi Naman, Being a solo traveler myself i can assure you solo trips are more fun than they seem to be, even more so when you are a photographer, because you have all your time to yourself. Talk to the locals, and dont just stick to the itinerary you read on the internet. There are always some hidden treasures for a photographer that only locals can tell you about. You get to explore the places and know the culture with a better insight, you are sure to meet new people and make new friends. Solo trips are always a good idea! Having said that on any trip whether solo or in company of your friends/family, one must always observe reasonable caution, you should do your homework before you set out on an adventure. Always be before time when you have a bus/train to board. Have hard cash on you and don't rely on ATMs solely. Know your route. If you are going on a trek, prepare yourself for the terrain, work out and stay fit, buy your equipment and gears before hand. Take care of your belongings, and just have your eyes and ears open. Happy solo traveling!
Thankyou so much! This was enlightening and would help me for my first solo trip. Also yes staying healthy and happy are major things in life
Solo trip has its own pros and cons. But taking into account the desire to capture the aura of the place, try to know the daily routine of locals there. Especially if you're traveling to a high altitude place tag along with them on their daily chores. You'll be amazed how pleasantly different it is to witness those activities and places no other tourists have. Reading blogs and doing some pre-trip research regarding the terrain and weather helps. But solo traveling is all about mixing with the locals and you'll capture some of the best moments of your life.
Happy to Help! - A Fellow Traveler! :)