One such major portion of travel is meeting new people and making lifelong friendships. Friends are no doubt boon in our life, but meeting such genuine friends is something we have to make effort for. Travel is one such place where we have lot of chances to bump into true people who turn out to be our genuine lifelong friends. You need to talk and listen a lot, then after travel try maintaining friendships which your intuition says this is genuine. I happened to meet many but made a couple of genuine friends during travel..
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Staying in backpacking hostels is one excellent way to make friends during travel. I have myself made so many good friends in recent years during my stay at Hostels in Himachal Pradesh. Go travel and you will get your answers.
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Hostel stays. They are your best bet. I loved my last stay in the hostel in manali. Met some really good folks and heard some super stories of all sorts. I suggest, you stay at a hostel. Best way to join random stories are the bonfire nights in hostels 🤩