Via Flight - go to Paro Via train - reach Hasimara from there take a cab to Phuentsholing - the entry to Bhutan. You can also book a cab from here till Thimphu Hasimara has limited train options so one can reach NJP then hire a cab. Or simply take another train from NJP to Hasimara
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Thank you so much.
You should reach Siliguri from Kolkata then plan further to Bhutan border
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Best way is to reach Hasimara and from there board a cab. Indians require a permit to enter Bhutan. Can be obtained at the jaigaon border office or on entry. It’s free and allows one to stay for upto a week.
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Thanks a lot
You can either fly in to Paro from Kolkata or take a train to NGP station and then hire a cab to enter Bhutan via Phuetsoling. On reaching Phuetsoling, you can then do all your imigration tasks.
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Thank you so much.
If you are flying to Paro, you will get all the immigration details in the airport itself.
Hello Atul, You can take a direct flight from Kolkata to Paro. You can also take a train to Hasimara, and then a cab to Jaigaon(India)/Phuentsholing (Bhutan). You'll get the Entry Permit for 7 days from there. If you wish to extend your stay, you can do that in Thimphu. From Phuentsholing to Thimphu, it'll take around 5 hours by car.
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Thank you.
You can take a train to phuentsholing n take the permit from phuentsholing. Permit is mandatory for Bhutan