Hi You can reach Delhi by train or flight etc & from Delhi can take Volvo bus services to Manali & Get down at Bhuntar... from Bhuntar it's 30km to Kasol. which you can take local bus or shared taxi.... from Kasol you can trek around 19km to Kheer Ganga... do check if it's open or not before planning. I think there are few direct bus too from Delhi to Kasol Hope above information will help in planning your trip Thank You See You on the Road...πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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Yes there is limited local transport which you can check it's timing on HPRTC portal. check it before going its open or close. you can take buses from Delhi to Kasol or manali and from there you can hire taxi or local buses I'll advise you to join or contact any group who make unite stranges. you can search on google 1.Wander.on 2. tibcommunity 3.unitestranger 4.solotraveler 5.thehosteler etc and so many in delhi. I hope above information will help you Thank you so much πŸ™
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Hi! You can get there by local bus. But I want to warn you, you should not bring any illegal substances. Otherwise there could be complications. When we traveled by bus, one of the passengers was carrying a firearm. We accidentally saw it in his bag. But first we saw the best holster for beretta PX4 subcompact , and then we saw the gun itself. We went to the law enforcement, who then detained the man. But the emotions of the trip were not so bright.
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Unfortunately, no, I don't.
And what are the rates...any approx amount if you know
Thanks dear but I'm just a traveller with a hobby of photography. btw by any chance do you have any idea if we can get bus/taxi from Kasol to bharsaini earlier in morning like arround 6-7 am?