Hey Ritesh, Magic valley is located in Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh. First reach Bhuntar from chandigarh or delhi then take a bus from Bhuntar bus stand to Zari. From Zari, you can book a cab or take a bus to Malana gate. But problem is only one bus goes to Malana gate at 4PM ( from Zari). Taxi may cost you upto Rs 500. After reaching Malana gate you to hike for 2 km to reach Magic valley. I visited Parvati valley in June 2018. This is my budget itinerary for Parvati valley : Hope this would help you.
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Reach Jari ( a place 23 kms from Bhuntar). Best way to do this is to board a public bus which is going to Manikaran/Barshen (20-50 INR). From Jari hire a cab till Malana gate (400INR/person). Then, from Malana Gate you need reach a dam which is at a distance of 2 kms from the gate.
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