I had this issue and within 21 days I cultivated few good habits and from last one and half month I am able to sleep properly..I use to reside all alone in Bangalore. Hope this may help you as well. 1. First To shift your mind in good things like cultivating good habits.( eg. workout, writing, photography, watching, reading, in touch with good people) 2. Do more physical work so that body gets tired and it enhances better sleep.
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Is this really so easy to move on from those unnecessary thoughts and bring back yourself ? 😏
Just keep your mobile phone away and listen to some thoughtful podcasts or instrumental songs before going to bed
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Best way is do something productive like completing a task, following your hobby, work out. When you hit bed and think about your day... you will see how well it has been utilised,, that satisfaction will help you sleep.
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Think positive and be busy
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I have uninstalled every social media app that felt very chaotic to me- mostly instagram and Facebook. have turned off all notifications. I only log in using the web version. And whenever I need to post or engage, I install these apps again and uninstall as soon as I am done. I know this isn't quite the best fit answer but this has helped me sleep better at night. I realised most of my overthinking tendencies erupted from overconsumption of irrelevant affairs from these apps.
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I beleive that the mobile phone not only the trouble maker on our sleeping way .
Play soft Piano or any other musical instrument of your choice, soothing music. Shut all your other digital mediums dim the lights and lie in bed comfortably!
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First of all, this has nothing to do with travel whatsoever. But, I don't wanna sound rude at all, so here you go - Put your phone away and think of nice things like sunshine or wet meadows, unlimited stars in the sky and stuff. Working out is a good option too, it'll refresh you mentally and physically, and then maybe you'll fall asleep before your head hits the pillow out of exhaustion
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Written nicely , but as I said , these lines sounds good only in reading / hearing . The practical situation is much harder I must say
Oh, dude! I've struggled with overthinking stuff over the night my entire life. I know this might sound weird to some, but try to practice worrying at another time and in another location. For instance, get out all of your thoughts onto the paper after having lunch. If that doesn't help, you should probably talk to a specialist. By the way, while struggling with my overthinking issue, I was also trying to sleep comfortably with broken ribs(, which was such a headache. Yeah, sleeping was a terrible activity for me back then, and I'm glad I can finally sleep properly!