Hey dear, you can literally travel for free with Tripoto this is not a fraud but a fact. But one thing I would like to inform you this is not for easy, let me sum this up for you. See you need to earn many many credit points to travel for free, you can earn more points by taking part in the contests, being an active member on the community, publishing your trips and inviting friends as well. After you earn sufficient credit points, you caj redeem the same by booking trips from Tripoto where you can see how kuch discount you are getting for that particular package or if you are lucky enough you can enjoy the trip for free.
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You first need to earn credits by posting your trips/photoblogs, entering contests, answering queries, etc. This will take time and once you earn enough credits, you can redeem the same for holidays or hotels.
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50,000 credit
How much credit is required??
It's not entirely free, you just get few credit which you can use to lessen your expenses a bit, but its not completely free.
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It won't be completely free. You can redeem some amount from your tripoto credit to redeem their trips.