Hello, Have recently done the route and advise to stay on NH 44 only after Seoni instead of Jabalpur route , I understand it will add around 200KM extra from the route you planned. But the prayagraj route is under construction and hell lot of diversion and its rainy time so its good have NH44. After Seoni there is a toll plaza somewhere near Mandai before Lakhongaon you can take left after that toll plaza to stay on NH 44 and move twoards Narshingpur-Sagar-Lalitpur-Jhansi-Kanpur-Lucknow-Ayodhya. This will also gives you maximum 4 lane highway Starting from Hyderabad . So my suggested route looks like Hyderabad-Naimabad-Nagpur-Seoni- (Take Left to Stay on NH 44)- Narshingpur-Sagar-Lalitpur-Jhansi-Kanpur-Lucknow-Ayodhya . If you required any more information can reachout to will try to help . Just finished my 1049 Days long All India Road trips covering around 150000KM on road :) I Am also available on Instagram @TheMysticRiders
Hello @uday91996365 in current time its wise to keep covid related documents handy to avoid any difficult situation. However passing Nagpur on highway is not required. Your travel anyway will be finishing below 72 hours so its good have a RTPCR test and move. If you are already vaccinated both prio
@India On Road Do I need any Covid relates documents for travelling on Highways specially in Nagpur