Its totally safe.
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I suggest you go to Raxaul from Delhi (Satabdi express is the direct train I guess). 400 INR might be the train fare. From 'Birgunj' (which is the Nepali city boardering Raxual), in NPR (nepalese rupees) 500, u can reach Pokhara by bus in 8 hours. Find some cheap hotel in 'lakeside' (A touristy place in Pokhara), that will take you only NPR 500 rupees per night. In fact you can ask the shopkeepers around in 'Prithvi Chowk' (That is where the bus to Pokhara will drop you). Hotels might be cheaper in Prithvi chowk. The shopkeepers and the normal people are friendly. They will help you and good thing is they understand hindi perfectly. U can even ask for discount if you are staying for 10 days. Bargain a little. If not try some other hotel. So your lodging will be taken care of for Rs. INR 3000.
Okay Thankyou and can you tell me a rough idea of the budget for 2-3 days trip.
Hi Faiz, Nepal is quite safe for a solo traveller. It is a popular destination among solo backpackers, male and female. Pokhara is a picturesque city on the banks of Phewa Lake. It is a quiet and peaceful place and you won't find any dangers there. Have a fun trip Faiz.
Its very safe. people are friendly. you can visit Shanti stupa,Phewa lake,Annapurna circuit,Sarangkot(visit when it is not cloudy to enjoy the panaromic view) , enjoy their nightlife and adventure sports.
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Thankyou Ruchi. and can you tell me the estimate of pokhara trip?
Hey! One of my college friend went there in November. It's completely Safe still check weather forecast before planning any trip.
You don't need to be worried about safety of yours in Pokhara as it is now quite friendly for tourist and important thing is you are not cheated by local sellers. Happy and safe travelling!!
There's a lot of information on pokhran here: It is a safe place to travel with a vibrant travel community. Stick to groups.