Write some interesting facts about the place then.
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Hello There. As a street photographer I can suggest you that whenever you go on a trip or a shoot like me in a street, capture everything you like or is good in your eye. But keep it in mind to enjoy the trip and live it to the fullest. Thank you 😊
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Sorry brother but u can't do anything now. But you can use all your available pictures nicely by editing them and telling more stories in less good quality photos.
What can I do for now? because my blog is ready but has very less photographs.
Try to use words where photos are less. It'll enrich the blog more.
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Thank you. I'll do the same
Write more about the places using adjectives that describes the trek in the best possible way.
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There is nothing you can do. Maybe next time click more pictures. This time, however, you can weave an engaging story. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.
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5-6 is a good number. go ahead
Shall I post it with what five six photos in it? from next time I would click more
Haha it's not about how many pics your posting .. it's about what pic your posting ❤️