North East is full of natural beauty and Surprises. Ultimate beauty of North East mesmerized You
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North east is full of greenery now, as monsoons are lashing and leaving greenery all around. Weather is cool though not cold, but you need to do a weather check before planning in north east. As far as south India is considered, west that is Kerala Karnataka are under monsoon seasons. East both states are hot and sweaty for now. Ideal time to visit south is after September. My choice would be go for north east now, based on weather check.
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Both places are beautiful in their own way. However both receive heavy rains and see flooding often in Aug. So plan accordingly.
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Both places attracts tourists fronm different parts of the world.You have to priortise the destinations.These areas are very big .One needs ample days to xplore.
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North-East will be not good choice now it is monsoon best season is Nov to April you can go darjeeling of west bengal or south India tamilnadu, karnatak, andhera pradesh
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