Hello Rahul, You can visit either UAE ( Dubai ) or Malaysia with the budget. personally i would suggest you to head for Dubai, because the Christmas and new year celebrated in the emirate is something which you remember forever. Happy Traveling Bro :)
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Hey Rahul, You can look out fir these international destinations for celebrating new year with your family .... Cambodia Sri Lanka Dubai Jordan Vietnam Oman These are the most soughted destinations apart from Malaysia and Singapore ... And they can well be within your budget of 2.5 lakhs.... Book your customized your packages with these tour operators given below :- Holidays - Book Exclusive Holiday & Tour Packages in India ... holidays Happy new year in advance and Happy Travelling !!!
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Welcome Bro ...
Thanks.... happy new year ....
I have a tradition that I would like to share. Before every hunt, I relax with the girl. I'm looking for them here Every time I try new one. As there is no strange that hunting is always successful
Hello Rahul, you can try Hong Kong. it has good new year's celebration and has something for everyone. and your kids are perfect age to enjoy the Disney land too.
You can try Malaysia, uae, sri Lanka, maldives, Cambodia, hong Kong , Macau and china any of these countries with your budget range
You can think about Laos Cambodia and Vietnam..