I have just been to pondicherry. I came back yesterday. The dates sound good for pondicherry. You need to make prior bookings if you want to go to for meditation in auroville. You can stay at Micasa hostel. That also, will have to do prior bookings. It is an amazing place. The people you meet there are from different walks of life. And the people who take care of Micasa are great. I can suggest you places as well, you can DM me for details.
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Hey! Thank you so much for replying!
Andaman & Nicobar will be the better option as you can spend a complete week there.
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Hey.. thanks!🙂
Try Kerala from November last. the weather conditions will be good. Munnar, Cochin, alleppy will do a good option. DM me for ant help you need
At this time of season kerala for sure