Best will be renting a self drive car and here is why- 1. With family, you won't have much of exactly fixed plans (from my past experience), as everybody needs something different at all times and taxi with driver doesn't fit that criteria very well. 2. Off hours and night cost more on taxi with driver, around 300-500 for beyond 6/7 pm and around 500-700 more if keeping the driver after 12 in the night. Unless you prefer comfort much more and don't mind for that kind of amount then go with that option, otherwise it's just an extra cost. 3. 7 people is quite some size, so a 7 seater will not be best specially when you have driver as well, so better rent a car and drive yourself. Can go with either Innova, Innova crysta, Fortuner or something similar. Pricing - very hard to say, as it depends on time and type of car, but here are a few providers with handy prices (and I think these guys update prices from time to time, not 100% sure though, give them a call or something 🤷‍♂️ )- Fast Rental Goa - Drive Goa - S&S Tours & Travels - Goa Car Booking - You can try google to find latest prices from other local guys as well, but I had a hard time finding the exact pricing, so the above list might be a better option to check quickly. Hope this helps.
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A car with driving yourself.
A rental car driven by once self is more economical, convenient and gives you private time especially when with your family. Try https://www. or for your car rental cars needs.