Hi!!! Ruth_Traveldiaries Glad to know that you wanted to travel towards North-east India. As for questions, the weather in Meghalaya is mesmerizing always. If you are travelling in November you will not regret. For transportation, buses are also available but I would suggest you to hire a cab for your convenient. Why? because buses are notoriously slow and will be full-packed. Also you will be travelling there for sight-seeing. So its better take a cab or for short distance you can walk. The best way to know and experience a place and its culture is to walk in and around as far as you legs carry you;). Cab fare starts from Rs.2000 onwards. As per this pandemic concern, there might be restrictions in some places. But there are many place to explore in Meghalaya. Hope this help your queries.
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Hey again that's an awesome idea to ride by yourself. That would be the best experience you can have. As you said, you want to keep your budget low. Renting a Scotty will be expensive. But in case you want to hire one, you can rent it in Shillong. And please be informed that from October 16 travelers are required to undergo paid Covid-19 test. Got the news yesterday.
Thanks man! I am travelling solo, trying to keep budget down. If I want to rent scotty, do I have to rent from guwahati or shillong.
No travel restrictions and the weather will be amazing
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