No idea-would suggest to get in touch with travel package provider.
Day 6: Depart to Haridwar Chopta also has a few private guest lodges. Board your jeeps from here for a drive back to Haridwar. You will reach Haridwar between 6.00 and 7.00 pm.
Day 5: Baniya Kund to Chopta by car. Trek to Chandrashila Peak via Tungnath and back to Baniya Kund Altitude: 8,790 ft (2,679 m) to 12,083 ft (3,683 m) Time taken: 4 hours, 8 km Trek gradient: Moderate. Sharp ascent to Tungnath (2 km) followed by steep climb to Chandrashila for about 45 minutes. Des
Day 4: Syalmi to Baniya Kund, 3 kms Time taken: 2 hours, 3 km Trek gradient: Easy-moderate, a small ascent from Rohini Bugyal, followed by a descent. Water sources: Akash Kamini waterfall en route Baniya Kund
Day 3: Deoriatal to Syalmi via Rohini Bugyal Altitude: 7,841 ft (2,390 m) to 8,790 ft (2,679 m) Time taken: 5-6 hours, 7 km Trek gradient: Moderate. Initial 45 minutes of gradual ascent followed by 40 minutes of rapid descent, easing off after an hour of ascent to reach Rohini Bugyal. Series of asce
Day 1: Reach Sari Altitude: 6,601 ft (2012 m) Time taken: 7-8 hours drive from Haridwar. Transport from Haridwar Railway station at 6.30 AM. Day 2: Sari to Deoriatal Altitude: 6,601 ft (2012 m) to 7,841 ft (2,390 m) Time taken: 1 hour, 3 km Trek gradient: Easy. Gradual climb on a well-defined rocky trail, which becomes steeper after the first 10 minutes. Short descent to the camp site after an hour of climbing. Water sources: None.
It's so hot in june you will gone dehydrated. if you wants to do tracking you should go to naag tibba which is much better place for tracking in June
You can go to Chandrashila in hune as well.. I'll find lesser snow there. Reach Rishikesh, take a bus to Gopeshwar (₹370), take private taxi on sharing basis for chopta.. spend night at chopta(₹500), do the Tunganath-Chandrashila trek in the morning.